TIS Trust Deed update

Some of you may be aware that the Thornton Islamic Society established a TRUST DEED on the 20th September 2005. We are in the process of updating due to the resignation of two members namely Zayed Brown and Shafiek Dollie who have since moved out of the area and do not wish to serve on the TRUST but will continue to support TIS in the future. The remaining three members are Mogamad Samodien, Ganief Salie and Riaad Isaacs.

Two new members has been nominated to replace the two members namely B.Achmat Abrahams and B. Abubaker Dolliein a meeting held 9th September 2015. It was agreed that they are both regular musallis that has been residing in Thornton for several years. They are both very successful businessman and can add value and provide the current committee with sound advice, insight, experience and guidance if called upon.

We wish to take this opportunity to invite the community to raise objection or comment within 7 days of this post on the appointment of these two gentleman onto the THORNTON ISLAMIC SOCIETY TRUST.


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