Thornton Crime Stats – Aug 2014

Current Concerns:

Theftt of motor vehicles. In the Mutual / Mupine area..

Theft of Wheels


Hot Days in Pinelands (Delta):                 Hot Days in Thornton (Echo):

Sunday 12h00-24h00                                  Wednesday  12h00-18h00

Tuesday 18h00-24h00                                 Friday          06h00-12h00


Hot Spots – Delta:

1746    (the area between Forest Drive, Uitvlugt, Broadwalk, Central Square & Union Avenue).

1740    (the area between Jan Smuts, Ambleside, Sunrise, Avonduur & Forest)

1782  ( area between Forest Drive, Links Drive, the canal and Alice’s Ride)

1783 ( area between Forest Drive, the canal, Alice’s Ride and the High School)


Hot Spots – Echo:

1716    (the area along Forest Drive Extension).

1717    ( area between Rooikrans, Cedar and Manatoka and Poplar Way.)

1729    (the area between Rooikrans, Matapo, Poplar & Cedar)

1720    (the area between Denneboom and Vanguard and Sipres and Viking Way.)

1721  ( area between Sires, Denneboom, Viking Way and Vanguard Drive)



  • Syringa Cresc Thornton   [1717] (Tues 12th –Wed 13th  August 24h00- 06h00). Removed window and stole flat screen TV.
  • Pleasant Place [1783]  ( Monday 11th August 07h15-20h00) door was not locked household items stolen..
  • Keerboom Pinelands  [1744]  ( Tuesday 12th 14h20). Front door forced “crowbar” 2x laptops and, tool box and drill stolen.
  • Elm Road Thornton ]1716] ( Friday 15th 07h30-15h45) Forced bedroom window and stole laptop and computer monitor.

Common Robbery

  • On Tuesday 12th August, at 05h40, a lady was  walking on her way to work at the Wild Bean Café at BP Garage when she was robbed of her handbag . A bin scratcher saw it happen and apprehended the suspect. The police were called and the suspect was arrested   (well done to the bin scratcher)


On Tuesday 12th August the police were called to mutual 14h30. A body of a man with stab wounds  had been found on the station platform. The body was removed and taken to the morgue and as yet is still unidentified.


Theft from and out of Motor Vehicle:

  • Mupine ( Monday 11th August 17h50-18h00). Lap top was stolen . Footage shows a vehicle was involved .
  • The Oval ( Wednesday 13th August 17h45-19h15) Right from window broken and wallet, cell phone taken.
  • Central Avenue ( Thursday 14th 04h16) Side window was smashed alarm was activated and nothing was taken.
  • Uitvlugt  [1745] ( Friday 15/ Sat 16 August  17h00-07h30) Wheels were stolen.
  • Nursery Way [1783] ( Tuesday 12 August 08h30-08h35 )Lady left car  and when she returned handbag and ipod  had been stolen.

Theft of Motor Vehicle:

  • Mutual Station   ( Thursday 14th  at 08h30-17h20) White City Golf was stolen. Registration number is CA 335571.
  • Mupine Golf Course  ( Friday 15th 09h30-11h15) White Fiat Uno CA 552636

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