Thornton Crime Stats – 16 October 2014


  • There has been a marked increase in the number of rubbish bins stolen. Please mark your bin with the number and name of the street in which you live.
  • Theft of wheels from motor vehicles.
  • Drunken driving in Pinelands & on Jan Smuts Drive. In an operation on Friday night 10th October between 20h00 and 01h00 15 drunken driving arrests were made.

Hot Days in Pinelands (Delta):                      Hot Days inThornton (Echo)

Thursday                    06h00-12h00               Thursday        Spread out

Monday                      00h00-06h00


Hot Spots – Delta:

1740    (area between Jan Smuts, Ambleside, Sunrise, Avonduur & Forest)

1744    (the area between Old Mill Road, the Railway line, Broadwalk, Union Ave, Uitvlugt & Francis).

1739    (the area between Forest Drive and Logan Way including the High School and Howard Centre & Gardener Way to the canal).


Hot Spots – Echo:

1716    (the area along Forest Drive Ext.)

1717    (the area between Rooikrans, Cedar and Manatoka & Poplar Way)

1719    (the area between Heidelberg, Sipres, Denneboom & Azalia).



  • Richmond Avenue, Pinelands [1740] (Fri 3rd– Mon 6th October). Removed kitchen window.
  • First on Forest, Forest Drive Ext., Thornton [1716] (Tues 7th Oct 08h00-12h50). Forced door.
  • Glen Roy, Pinelands [1731] (Mon 6th-Tues 7th Oct 21h00-18h30). Pine Glen Flats. Window forced.
  • Derwent Way, Pinelands [1740] (Wed 8th Oct 12h03). One suspect arrested. Window forced.
  • Syringa Cresc., Thornton [1717] (Wed 8th Oct 06h30-17h00). Burglar Bars forced.
  • Field Close, Pinelands [1733] (Fri 10th Oct 08h00-18h30). Broke down kitchen door.


Robbery Common:

  • Three connected to railway stations/trains. Usually the perpetrator strikes just as the train draws into or out of the station so that he can jump off the train before it moves on.
  • One of the above occurred at Mutual Station & the other at Thornton Station. The third was involved the use of a firearm on the train itself.


Robbery Common involving the use of a firearm:

  • Jan Smuts Drive (Mon 6th Oct 18h30).
  • Cnr Jan Smuts Drive & Forest Drive ( Wed 8th Oct 14h00)


Theft from/out of Motor Vehicle:

  • Dovedale, Pinelands [1738] (Tues 7th Oct during the night). GPS stolen.
  • Richmond Avenue, Pinelands [1740] (Thurs 9th Oct during the night).4 x wheels stolen
  • Duncan Road, Pinelands [1740] (Thurs 9th – 10th Oct 16h30-08h00). 4 x wheels stolen.

Items most commonly stolen in House Breaking cases:

Laptops; TVs; bicycles; cameras & jewellery.

Entry is usually gained by removing/forcing doors and windows.

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