The Al –Quds Foundation Roadshow @ TIS 27th August 2015 between Magrieb and Eshai

AL-AQSA  IN  DANGER A press release was held on the 17th March 2010 in which the Al-Quds Foundation and the MJC  expressed its outrage at the recent actions of the Israeli Occupation forces and at the same time making the Muslim community aware  that the Masjid Al – Aqsa-al Mubarak is in serious danger. In the article the Al-Quds foundation and the MJC  condemn the actions by the Israeli Occupation Forces  to block off and limit access to the Masjid Al-Aqsa al-Mubarak, an Islamic holy site  ,for the past five days while the Hurba Synagogue has been re-opened. They further state that they support the Palestinians for having  expressed outrage at this decision as this act signifies the destruction of the Majid. More than thirty people have been injured in clashes with the Israeli police. They  further support Hamas’ Political Chief, Khaled Meshaal’s call for a” day of rage “ In the light of the Islaeli action as well as his call to Palestinian leaders to take serious measures to protect the Masjid from destruction and judaization and launch a campaign to protect Islamic and Christian religious sites. The Al-Quds Foundation  and the MJC further calls on the international regulatory bodies to curtail Israel’s brazenly racist ,oppressive and disrespectful actions as they continue to desecrate Islamic and Christian Holy sites without any concern. The MJC Executive call upon ALL MUSLIM community to fast on Thursdays in support of the Masjid Al -Aqsa and call upon ALL IMAMS TO PERFORM QUNUT IN JUMUAH ,FRIDAY 19th MARCH 2010. THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY ARE KINDLY REQUESTED TO ATTEND THE WEEKLY THURSDAY NIGHT PROGRAM IN OTTERY MASJID .(OFF OLD STRANDFONTEIN ROAD).  Members of the Al-Quds foundation and the MJC  have  undertaken the fast every Thursday  until  the third holiest site of the Muslim Ummah  is  liberated and to spread awareness  and update the community about the inhumane way and conditions  the Palestinian are treated in their own country . The Al –Quds Foundation has decided to do a road show  and go out to the communities  to keep the Muslim Ummah well-versed  on what is happening with our (the Muslims ) brothers and sisters  and  our holy religious site Al_Quds. We urge all to  attend the gathering at the Thornton Islamic Centre on the 27th August 2015 between Magrieb and Eshai. You are welcome to come and break your fast at the Mosque  .

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