• Armed robberies
  • House Break-ins
Hot Days in Pinelands (Delta):           Hot Days in Thornton (Echo): Wednesday  12h00-18h00                  Tuesday   06h00-12h00                                                      Thursday 06h00-12h00           Thursday 06h00-12h00                       Saturday  18h00-24h00     Hot Spots - Delta: 1740    (area between Jan Smuts, Ambleside, Sunrise, Avonduur & Forest) 1730    (the area around Mutual Park) Station areas: 1745; 1744 (Old Mill Road to Forest Drive and down to Morningside)   Hot Spots – Echo: 1726    (the area in Epping Industria .) 1720    (the area  between Jan Smuts, Denneboom, Sipres & Viking) 1725    (the area between Viking, Benbow & Gunner’s Circle).   Although there were many housebreakings there were 5 very good arrests made this week.   Housebreaking Residential:
  • Wythenshawe Ave , Pinelands [1740] (Monday 27th October 15h40-16h00). Attempt.
  • Acacia Way [1746] (Sunday 26 to Monday 27 13h30-09h00). Removed glass from door and stole flat screen TV.
  • Mountbatten Ave, Pinelands [1731] (TWed 22 – Monday 27th October ). Back glass  door forced  stole Samsung Laptop and tablet and an Apple i-Pod.
  • Dagbreek , Pinelands [1740] (Wednesday 29th October 11h28). Stole compact disc player and CD’s and DVD’s  and cash.
  • Ringwood Drive , Pinelands [1731] (Wednesday 29th – Thursday 30th October 23h00-05h45). Glass window removed  and digital photo frame stolen.
  • The Crossing , Pinelands [1744] (Wednesday 29th October 19h17). Forced and smashed bedroom window and stole an Amp.
  • Ambleside, Pinelands [1740] (Sat 1st November 10h00). Resident saw a young chap, approx. 14 years of age, crawling round the garden. She shouted and he ran away. Later he was found in possession of the compass, cigars and clothing he had stolen from the house and he  was arrested.
  • Mountain View Pinelands [1746] (Thurs 30th October –Sat 1st November ). Side window of sun room was smashed and music system was stolen..
  • Sunny Way , Pinelands [1744] (Sat 1st November  18h50-22h05). Forced open the window and stole a laptop.
  • Impala Way , Pinelands [1734] (Wednesday 29th –Sun 2 November ) On their return the residents found a window had been opened  and 2x chains were missing.
  Robbery other than a firearm:
  • Denneboom Ave  in Thornton. ( Tuesday 28 October  23h00) 3x suspects were arrested in possession of stolen property
  Robbery with firearm:
  • Ringwood Drive, Pinelands [1732] (Monday 27th  19h20). t.
  • Ringwood Drive, Pinelands [1732] (Sat 1st November 16h50).Two witnesses gave information to the police who were on patrol in the area of Ringwood Drive. When the van went to check out the suspect, he fled. The van called for backup and then gave chase. The neighbourhood watch and a  scrap merchant in a bakkie also gave chase and the suspect was eventually caught in the Conradie Hosp. He was in possession of a BB gun and stolen property and was arrested.
NB  Never assume that a gun pointed at you is a toy.   Theft out of M/V:
  • Julianaveld  Pinelands  [1745] (Thursday 30th October 00h00-07h00) Car was parked in the garage and all doors were locked and windows closed  Sunglasses. Front loader, hands free blue tooth and remote control were stolen
Theft of M/V:
  • Giants Sweets Epping: A White Hyundai bakkie that was parked on the road was stolen. CY 222-382
  Regards Sharon Petersen SECRETARY TNW
  • Armed robberies
  • House Break-ins
  Hot Days in Pinelands (Delta):           Hot Days in Thornton (Echo): Thursday    06h00-18h00                Tuesday          06h00-12h00   Wednesday         06h00-18h00           Thursday        06h00-12h00                                     Hot Spots - Delta: 1740    (area between Jan Smuts, Ambleside, Sunrise, Avonduur & Forest) 1730    (the area around Mutual Park) Station areas: 1746; 1745; 1744 (Old Mill Road to Forest Drive and down to Morningside)   Hot Spots – Echo: 1716    (the area along Forest Drive Ext.) 1720    (the area  between Jan Smuts, Denneboom, Sipres & Viking) 1725    (the area between Viking, Benbow & Gunner’s Circle).   Housebreaking Residential:
  • St Stephen’s Road, Pinelands [1744] (Fri 17 – Mon 20 Oct). Window forced open & camera stolen.
  • Union Ave, Pinelands [1745] (Mon 20 Oct 15h45-18h45). Broke glass door & stole 2 x Nokia Cameras.
  • Range Court, Rifle Range Road, Thornton [1729] (Tues 21 Oct 06h10-16h00). Door of garage forced. Stole Music Centre & equipment.
  • North Way, Pinelands [1744] (Tues 21st 07h15-15h15). Perpetrator found key, kept in a safe place (!!) & opened the door. Wallet emptied of money.
  • Chipstead, Pinelands [1740] (Wed 22 Oct 12h05). Door forced & laptop stolen.
  • The Crossing, Pinelands [1744] (Sun 19th – Wed 22nd Oct). Forced window open & stole a camera.
  • Tecoma Cresc., Thornton [1720] (Thurs 23rd Oct 09h20-10h10). Door forced & electrical equipment stolen.
  • Meerlust, Pinelands [1733] (Thurs 23rd Oct 06h00-11h00). Blackberry & watch taken.
  • Rheezict, Pinelands [1732] (24th Oct 13h45-15h45). Broke bedroom window & took keys.
  • Clarendon Way, Pinelands [1744] (Sat 25th Oct, 10h15-11h45) Forced ajar window open further & stole R20 000 (including dollars) & jewellery.
  • Forest Drive, Pinelands [1740] Removed sliding door  & stole firearm (Pistol).watches ,cell phones and a camera Alarm went off at 10h26 on Sat 25th Oct.
  • Silveroak, Thornton [1720] (Sat 25th Oct 21h30-Sun 06h30). Forced door & took tools.
  • Arixoma Road, Thornton [1720] (Sun 26th Oct 00h00-11h00). Padlock on safety gate of garage broken & light switched on.
  Robbery with firearm:
  • Ringwood Drive, Pinelands [1732] (Sun 26th Oct 08h30). Bicycle & cell taken at gunpoint.
  • Kareeboom, Thornton [1717] (Sat 25th Oct 19h30). Cash taken.
  • Ringwood Drive, Pinelands [1732] (Sun 26th 08h30).
  • Canal, Pinelands [1732] (Mon 27th Oct 19h20). Near Masonic. Handbag containing cell & R10 000 stolen. No shots fired.
NB:     Description of perpetrator in all cases is a Black male in his mid twenties. Although his clothing was different each time, his general appearance was the same: Stubble beard if you see him close-up, very skinny & of medium height and weight. Has been seen wearing yellow-mustard skinny jeans & black jacket. Also seen wearing red/orange T-shirt & black pants. Also seen wearing a black beanie. QUERY? Was the gun used above the same one that was stolen from house in Forest Drive?   Common Robbery:
  • Cedar Road, Thornton [1729] (Thurs 23rd October,07h15)
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  • There has been a marked increase in the number of rubbish bins stolen. Please mark your bin with the number and name of the street in which you live.
  • Theft of wheels from motor vehicles.
  • Drunken driving in Pinelands & on Jan Smuts Drive. In an operation on Friday night 10th October between 20h00 and 01h00 15 drunken driving arrests were made.
Hot Days in Pinelands (Delta):                      Hot Days inThornton (Echo) Thursday                    06h00-12h00               Thursday        Spread out Monday                      00h00-06h00                                     Hot Spots - Delta: 1740    (area between Jan Smuts, Ambleside, Sunrise, Avonduur & Forest) 1744    (the area between Old Mill Road, the Railway line, Broadwalk, Union Ave, Uitvlugt & Francis). 1739    (the area between Forest Drive and Logan Way including the High School and Howard Centre & Gardener Way to the canal).   Hot Spots – Echo: 1716    (the area along Forest Drive Ext.) 1717    (the area between Rooikrans, Cedar and Manatoka & Poplar Way) 1719    (the area between Heidelberg, Sipres, Denneboom & Azalia).   Housebreaking:
  • Richmond Avenue, Pinelands [1740] (Fri 3rd– Mon 6th October). Removed kitchen window.
  • First on Forest, Forest Drive Ext., Thornton [1716] (Tues 7th Oct 08h00-12h50). Forced door.
  • Glen Roy, Pinelands [1731] (Mon 6th-Tues 7th Oct 21h00-18h30). Pine Glen Flats. Window forced.
  • Derwent Way, Pinelands [1740] (Wed 8th Oct 12h03). One suspect arrested. Window forced.
  • Syringa Cresc., Thornton [1717] (Wed 8th Oct 06h30-17h00). Burglar Bars forced.
  • Field Close, Pinelands [1733] (Fri 10th Oct 08h00-18h30). Broke down kitchen door.
  Robbery Common:
  • Three connected to railway stations/trains. Usually the perpetrator strikes just as the train draws into or out of the station so that he can jump off the train before it moves on.
  • One of the above occurred at Mutual Station & the other at Thornton Station. The third was involved the use of a firearm on the train itself.
  Robbery Common involving the use of a firearm:
  • Jan Smuts Drive (Mon 6th Oct 18h30).
  • Cnr Jan Smuts Drive & Forest Drive ( Wed 8th Oct 14h00)
  Theft from/out of Motor Vehicle:
  • Dovedale, Pinelands [1738] (Tues 7th Oct during the night). GPS stolen.
  • Richmond Avenue, Pinelands [1740] (Thurs 9th Oct during the night).4 x wheels stolen
  • Duncan Road, Pinelands [1740] (Thurs 9th – 10th Oct 16h30-08h00). 4 x wheels stolen.
Items most commonly stolen in House Breaking cases: Laptops; TVs; bicycles; cameras & jewellery. Entry is usually gained by removing/forcing doors and windows.
At the age of 17, Jamie's father kicked her out of the house at which time she lived under a freeway overpass for a week. She became involved in vices and modeled for playboy until she decided to turn her life around. She discovered Islam and gave all of that up. Now, she lives in much peace and happiness. Allah (God) is all merciful and forgiving and can do whatever He shall wish to do. Nothing is impossible for Him to do. If He shall wish to forgive you for even this, He will. One of the most difficult obstacles new young converts/reverts face today is the public stereotype and the acceptance from their parents of their new chosen faith. But remember this, Allah gives you no task or obstacle that you cannot overcome and He will be with you so long as you remember Him and ask for His help. Eventually, after they really learn the truth about your new faith, Islam, they will come around Inshallah (God Willing). Nothing is impossible for Him to do. So keep looking forward, praying, and remember that you are not alone. Muslims around the World love you and accept you as they do any brother and sister, and that thousands and thousands of those who convert/revert every year, often face the same challenges, but at the end, Allah brings peace and happiness. It is a small test of the strength of your faith. Stay strong, keep looking forward, and keep praying to Him. Whoever Allah guides, none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide.

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