News in Early Islām: Inconvenient History for Zionists

When a person analyses the legislations of Islām with an open mind, the mercy mentioned in this verse will definitely become apparent. One of the aspects constituting an epitome of this Mercy is the way the legislations of Islām deal with people of other faiths. The tolerant attitude of Islām towardsnon-Muslims, whether they be those residing in their own countries or within the Muslim lands, can be clearly seen through a study of history. Muslim jurists use the term ‘Dhimmi’ or ‘Ahl ul-Dhimma’ – ‘People of the Covenant’ to refer to non-Muslim residents and means a treaty of protection for non-Muslims living in Muslim territory. At a time in which we see the Zionist state of Israel committing atrocities against the Muslims in Gaza in the name of defending the ’Jewish state‘, it is worth reminding the Zionists and their sympathisers how the Jewish people were treated as People of the Covenant throughout the history of Islām. READ FULL STORY – (

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