Area Crime Stats

Current Concerns:

Theft of Motor Vehicle is causing great concern. As you will see many were stolen this past week.

The police have visited the body corporates at the complexes and  the businesses in Epping re the exit of cars from these places. They are concerned that the metal plate allowing the exit of a vehicle is not a good enough security measure and these exit gates  need to monitored in a better way.

Wheels are being stolen again and car batteries.

There was also a windscreen stolen off a vehicle.



  Huis Nederland Central Aven   [1746] (Sun 31 Aug – Wed 3 Sept ). Radio was taken

  Steenbok Close Pine Edge  [1734]  ( Wed 18h30 – Thursday 4th Sept 09h00 ) Garage broken into and tools taken.

  Forest Drive   [1740]  ( Friday 29th 05h45-16h45 ). Suspects were in the back garden and they removed tiles from the roof but did not manage to gain entry. Dog was traumatised.

  Acacia Way Pinelands  ]1746] Attempt (Thursday 4th Sept 06h00) Residents alarm was activated. Pinewatch and the police notified no one was found on the property.

  Serpentine  [1744] ( Friday 5 Sept 11h00) Sliding door was forced music system and digital photo album stolen,.

  Elizabeth Ave  Pinelands [1731]  ( Tuesday 2 Sept 20h00- Wed 3 Sept 08h00) Window was opened further and a purse with cards was stolen through the window..

  Central Avenue .[1746]  ( Sunday 31 Aug – Wed 3 Sept ) Glass door was broken. House was found to be in a mess, no known articles removed.

  Daffodil Way . [1734] ( August 23rd Sat 19h20) Owner returned home to find an unknown man damaging her remote gate,, He then fled the scene.


Theft from and out of Motor Vehicle:


  Victory Avenue  [1740]  ( Sunday 31 August  16h00- Mon 1 Sept 06h00. Owner awoke to find his car on bricks. Wheels stolen..

  Elizabeth Ave  [1731] ( Thursday 4 Sept 21h00- Friday 5 Sept 07h00) Wheels stolen.

  Plane Street Thornton1717] (Thurs 4 Sept 20h00- Fri 5th Sept 07h00) Wheels stolen.

   Heron Way [1738] (Sat 6 Sept 17h00- Sun 7 Sept 07h00)  Wheels Stolen

  Mountbatten Ave  [1731]  ( Thursday 28 – Fri 29th Aug 21h45-07h00) Wheels Stolen

  Riverside Pinelands  [1783] ( Tuesday 2 sept 19h00- Wed 3 Sept 08h20 ) Battery Stolen

  Kareeboom Thornton  [1717] ( Thurs 4th Sept 23h00- Fri 5 Sept 06h00) Windscreen stolen off car and jacket

  Sunrise Pinelands   [1740] (Mon1 Sept 04h50) Attempt Wheels Resident heard a noise and saw an unidentified male at the car.. Unfortunately camera footage is not clear.

  Nassau Ave .[1731]  (Sat 6 Sept 20h40) Resident heard glass breaking and saw a man fleeing the scene and he drove off in a white bakkie with a canopy.

  Central Ave  [1746] ( Fri Sept 5 08h15-08h20) Wallet was stolen from the car outside the Spar

  Viking Villas Odin Drive [102614] (Thurs 4 Sept 02h00) Sunglasses ID book stolen.


Theft of Motor Vehicle:

  Old Mill Road  [1742].   ( Frid 29 Aug  – Mon 1 Sept ) Mazda Rustler CA 38813 .

  Cochrane Ave  Epping [1725]  ( Mon 1 Sept 22h30) White Nissen Bakkie CA 403-636.

  Rifle Range Range Court [1729]  ( Mon 1 Sept – Tuesday 2 Sept ) White Toyota Conquest CA 922850

  Gunners Circle Epping   ( Fri 5 Sept 08h30)  Owner saw suspect drive off in the car. He gave chase and caught him. Police arrested the man.

  Union Ave  [1745]  ( Sun 7 Sept 03h18) resident heard a noise and on investigation saw a suspect with a white VW Jetta towing his bakkie. He gave chase and the suspect left the bakkie and drove off.

  Thornton Railway Station White  Fiat Uno CA 304-404


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