About Us

First & foremost, we thank Allah S.W .A for granting us the privilege to be part of the Oemah of Islam Algamdoelielaah.

We thank Allah for granting us the opportunity to bring the light of Islam to an area that was previously a symbol of apartheid, in that it was reserved for whites only. AlgamdoeLiellah, Thornton has now developed into a multi-racial and multi-cultural suburb, and the Muslims of Thornton have proudly taken their niche in this community.

Due to this history of Thornton, there were no facilities available to the muslims in the area. Thus there was a dire need for a society like the Thornton Islamic Society (T.I.S.). The Society was formed in 1998 to see to the social, welfare, spiritual and educational needs of the Muslim community in the area.

Thornton Islamic Society is a Registered Non Profit Organisation

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